Ultra-limited voucher for a tailored white Frank Rostron shirt

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Gordo may be a bit beyond the first flush of youth but he still scrubs up well. That’s down in no small part to the lovely chaps at Frank Rostron who make Gordo’s shirts.

They are widely agreed to be the best tailored shirts in the city – Gordo certainly thinks so – but he’s had to twist a few arms to get this luxury deal for you lot.

This is a sartorial saver like no other – a hand-made business shirt at half the price with a seriously limited Confidential voucher. Normally £195, you could be wearing a made-to-measure piece of cloth craftsmanship for just a snip – geddit?

That’s just £97.50, practically pin money when it comes to tailoring like this.

Treat yourself – nothing looks cooler and more confident than clothes that fit, and we mean really fit. Or, treat someone else – this is a birthday present with a bit of class.

If you’re getting hitched, invest in a hand-made, tailored shirt from Frank Rostron. You might not quite upstage the bride but you’ll look damn good.

Trust us, you’ll find all the compliments addictive. Once the guys at Frank Rostron have your measurements, ordering more shirts – and that dopamine hit of looking and feeling dandy – is so easy.

Ultra-rare vouchers like these are style gold and about as precious. They’ll be gone before you can fasten your top button so don’t hang about.


The fine print

Info as of 18.03.20 re: Coronavirus – Vouchers sold from today will have 120 days expiry.

This voucher is valid for 90 days from the date of purchase.

Use this gift voucher for 1 x Handmade White Shirt (RRP: £195)

Your gift voucher will cover the cost of our all-occasions 007 style crisp white killer shirt. You’re welcome to upgrade on colours, cloth etc, just ask the guys in the shop for more details.

1 gift voucher can be used per person

Print receipt on purchase to take into Frank Rostron to redeem this voucher

Vouchers are only redeemable against handmade business shirts

Vouchers are not redeemable against any other products

Manchester Confidential vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers

£195.00 £97.50 inc. VAT

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