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Personal training is about much more than having someone standing over you and watching you in the gym.

It is about motivating you to perform to the best of your ability whilst completing the evidence based programmes your trainer prescribes.

Here at CB Fit we pride ourselves on the fact that everything we do can be backed up with evidence as to why it works. Personal training Manchester at CB Fit isn’t, however, confined to the studio.

All the information and guidance is given to ensure that once you have finished your session you possess all the tools to make the lifestyle changes essential to achieving your results.

For personal training Manchester look no further than CB Fit.

SAVE 50%: For just £250 (RRP £500) 10 private sessions.

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Off peak times only (9am-4pm) Monday-Friday (subject to availability)

£500.00 £250.00 inc. VAT

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