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R&Ts at 33s – Rum tasting at 33 Oldham Street – Thursday 22 August from 6.30pm


What you'll get

Want a summer night out somewhere new? With four drinks included? And a bunch of nice people?

Then join us at the next gathering of the Confidential Drinks Club where The Salford Rum Company will serve you four beautiful drinks for just £15 – including the new drink of the season, the R&T – rum and tonic.

The way they serve it… it tastes warm and golden like a pure shot of summer. This is a drinks revelation that could become a revolution. Be there at the start, comrades.

The brand

Tonight’s drinks are from local firm The Salford Rum Company who produce small batch, premium spiced rum to a recipe inspired by imports to the city’s famous docks in the 1900s.

Vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, dried fruits – they’re all distilled in copper columns to create a golden rum that’s like sunshine on Northern skin. The guys will be there in person to shine a light on the history behind their rum, how they brought it to life, and most importantly, how best to drink it.

Photo credit – Jamie Stephenson @cocktailguru

The drinks

#1 Salford Spiced Rum and Ginger / Coke
Salford Spiced Rum mixed with ginger, or coke if you prefer.

#2 Salford Spiced Rum
A shot of pure, unadulterated Salford Spiced Rum in a tasting glass.

#3 Man-goes to Salford
Created by the folks at No.8 Cocktails at Hatch, it’s Salford Spiced Rum mixed with lemon, agave nectar, mango puree, lemon bitters, apple juice, and egg white.

 #4 The Salford Rum & Tonic
Salford Spiced Rum, Double Dutch Cranberry & Ginger Tonic, fresh lime, served over ice.


The Bar

33 Oldham Street is one of the Northern Quarter’s best new venues. The food is, by all accounts, superb, the vibe is nice and chilled, and they’ve got a high-end sound-system that’ll send shivers down your spine. It’s also a coffee shop, co-working space, gig venue, and cocktail den. In other words, it’s a place you’ll be glad you went to.

Photo credit – Jamie Stephenson @cocktailguru

Get tickets

£15 for a brilliant NQ night out – including four premium rum drinks. These will go fast so get your gang together and get your tickets.

It’s happening on Thursday 22 August from 6.30pm at 33 Oldham Street.

£15.00 inc. VAT

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